March 31st-April 2nd 2020,  Centre for Social Innovation Annex – 720 Bathurst Street, 9:00am-5:30pm

Using Power Effectively is a Learnable Competency.

If your job is to help leaders improve their performance, it’s vital you understand how their use of power impacts their chance of success.

Julie Diamond – Users Guide to Power

The Certification in Power Intelligence® seminar trains and certifies coaches, consultants, HR professionals, and anyone working with leaders to administer the Diamond Power Index™, a multi-rater and self-rater assessment that assists leaders in developing their effective use of power. The entire three-day training covers the background and research underlying the instrument, how to administer the test, how to interpret scores and reports, how to coach and train leaders and leadership teams, as well as marketing support for using it in organizations. Successful completion of the seminar will result in certification for using the assessment.

Module 1 is a day and a half introduction for those who want to learn how to coach and train leaders on their use of power, and work with issues related to power in organizations. It covers the background theory, addresses main behaviors related to power use and how to work with them, and presents methods for coaching and training. Module 2 covers how to administer the assessment, interpret reports, and offers certification in the Power index assessment tool. If you are in attendance at Module 1, and decide you’d like to stay for the additional day and a half for module 2 full certification, you can simply pay the difference and continue with that seminar, or attend one later in the year at another location. The schedule for each day is 9:00am-5:30pm.

The Diamond Power Index™

The Diamond Power Index™ is a multi-rater leadership assessment which helps organizations optimize their leadership portfolio by measuring how effectively leaders use power—personal and positional—to achieve results, empower the people around them, and influence others up, down, across, and outside their organization.

Julie Diamond – Power, a User’s Guide

Components of the Diamond Power Index™ include:

  • Power Perspective, a 360° assessment (completed by managers, peers, subordinates,
    and other stakeholders) that profiles a leader’s effectiveness along the critical dimensions of power and authority.
  • Personal Power, the leader’s own sense of power and capacity to impact the world.
  • Developmental Drive, characteristics and capacities that support or hinder the process
    of personal and leadership development.

The following reports are available:

  • Power Profile™, a report identifying strengths and areas of opportunity related to the leader’s use of power.
  • Power Profile™ Coaching Report, which includes a coaching plan and integrates the insights from the self-assessment report to create a unique developmental program for each leader.
  • Organizational Power Profile™, a team- or organization-wide report that interprets overall strengths and opportunities, and targets interventions for development.

Uses for the Diamond Power Index™ include:

  • Accelerate leader development
  • Develop high potentials
  • Manage transitions and succeed at the next level of leadership
  • Develop effective teamwork
  • Take the pulse of your organizational effectiveness

The DPI™ offers more than just a personality or competency test. It also:

  • Measures the leader’s impact and effectiveness: how others view and respond
    their use of power.
  • Identifies weaknesses and strengths based on actual behaviors, and pinpoints immediate
    developmental opportunities.
  • Measures stable, coaching-relevant traits relating to the leader’s own sense of power.
  • Identifies assets and liabilities relating to the leader’s developmental drive—motivation,
    ability, interest, and belief in their professional growth.

Julie Diamond, Ph.D. Dipl. P.W., is an executive coach, leadership consultant, and author. She has worked in the field of human and organizational change for 30 years, and is passionate about creating cultures of learning and growth. For over 25 years she has been at the forefront of creating transformational learning and development opportunities, across a range of sectors and disciplines, from graduate degree programs to leader development programs for business, government, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations.

Julie knows how to bring clarity to complex and profound concepts, and her authentic and dynamic facilitation style creates real understanding and a deeply impactful learning process. She is a co-founder of the Power² Leaderlab, a leadership program for women leaders, and the creator of the Master of Arts program in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Transformation and former Vice President of Academic Affairs at the Process Work Institute of Portland, Oregon. Julie is the author of several books and numerous articles about leadership psychology, learning and change. Her books include Power: A User’s Guide (Belly Song Press, 2015), A Path Made by Walking: Process Work in Practice (Lao Tse Press, 2004), and Status and Power in Verbal Interaction (John Benjamins Press, 1996).


“The Diamond Power Index is a unique assessment tool for management development. Leaders have blind spots on how they use their power in the workplace. The comprehensive report detailing the results provides an educational roadmap for not only awareness, but levers to impact successful interactions and relationships.”

~ Melissa Martin. Director, Global Employee Relations and EEO Compliance Citrix

“As a consultant and coach, I find the Diamond Power Index® to be a key tool for unlocking the “black box” that is the effective use of power in organizations. It makes the invisible visible, and is a powerful accelerator of leadership development.”

~ Miguel Vasquez, Director and Consultant, Qumano

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