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We provide coaching support to individuals and teams engaging in the authentic leadership journey, from frontline staff to senior management. Coaching can be a wonderful accompaniment to our in-house consulting services and trainings.

Our unique coaching assessment tools include the following:

  • Coaching for Power Intelligence: Anima is one of the few companies in North America certified to offer the Diamond Power Index™, a multi-rater leadership assessment which helps organizations optimize their leadership portfolio by measuring how effectively leaders use power—personal and positional—to achieve results, empower the people around them, and influence others up, down, across, and outside their organization.
  • EQ in Action Profile™: We’re one of the few companies in Canada that offer this online real-time simulation tool that gives comprehensive feedback about emotional intelligence and core leadership skills. Emotional intelligence or quotient (EQ) is often described as an ability to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one’s self, of others, and of groups. Research indicates that EQ is the base upon which all other leadership skills and competencies are built. Effective leadership is greatly enhanced by developing EQ (Goleman et al., 1998, 2000).
  • The EQ In Relationship™ survey involves conducting an on-line assessment after which participants receive a 20-page report that outlines their EQ strengths, weaknesses and strategies for growth. EQ In Relationship™ was developed through rigorous research and testing by Learning In Action Technologies Inc., and has been used internationally by government departments, academic institutions and Fortune 500 Companies.

“Anima Leadership provided expert advice and consultations to improve my own leadership and management skills. Their attention to group processes, institutional processes, and personal growth have been invaluable to my professional development as both a scientist and manager.”

~ Cheryl Chetkiewicz, Program Lead, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada

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