Deep Diversity®: Leadership Program, Creating Inclusive Systems Change, March 2016-Present
University of Wisconsin Credit Union

Anima Leadership has been working with the Executive Team and over 900 staff at the UWC Credit Union over the last four years to create an internal shift toward more understanding, representation and inclusion, particularly for racialized employees. The Deep Diversity® Leadership Program helped support the executive team at UWCU in setting priorities related to the organization’s 5-year strategic plan. Through trainings, management coaching, focus group design and implementation and online modules Anima Leadership continues to collaborate closely with UWCU in understanding the specific organizational context in order to customize the training for maximum impact.

Deep Diversity Leadership Program (DDLP)

The DDLP directly involved all managers at UWCU and supported them through a variety of channels including in-person training, group coaching calls, action planning, as well as e-learning modules for their direct reports.

University of Wisconsin Credit Union

Pre-and post-assessment results showed substantial increase in learning and behaviour change as a result of the different system supports and interventions. As one micro-example, one manager shared having a conversation with their racialized employee about race for the first time in over ten years of working together, allowing them to support their employee more directly. The organization has also created a number of systemic interventions including promotional pipelines for racialized employees in the company.

By participating in the DDLP, both leaders and staff at UWCU showed a greater understanding of a number of important topics related to diversity, cultural competency and inclusion including unconscious bias and the role group identities as well as emotions play in the workplace.

“Working with the Anima team and using the Deep Diversity® framework has been a great experience. We were looking for an educational experience for our Executive Team who was intrigued but had not yet fully recognized the importance of the topic. Their approach made it feel like we were working with an organizational insider vs. outsider. They worked with us to understand our organization’s vision, mission and values in relation to diversity and inclusion. They easily related the topic to employee engagement, member service and achievement of our business initiatives. The Anima team did a brilliant job of facilitating sensitive conversations while assisting our Executive Team in incorporating cultural competency into our future strategy discussions.”

~ Lee Wiersma, Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, University of Wisconsin Credit Union