Citizen engagement and research, 2008 and 2009


In partnership with the Canadian Policy Research Networks, in the fall of 2008 we facilitated a series of Deliberative Dialogue sessions with young people across Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as in Alberta and Ontario, to feed into the Government’s “Youth Retention and Attraction” Strategy.

We were so touched and moved by the passion that hundreds of young people expressed toward their province and it’s future. It reminds us that engaging young people in the democratic process is not hard, it just takes willingness to listen on the part of governments. In particular, the image of young man in Gander stands out. He nervously stood in the midst of one of the sessions, stuttering that he wanted nothing more than to stay in the province but he couldn’t find any work in his home town. He felt he had no choice but to leave his family, his home, and go to Fort McMurray to work. His voice shaking with emotion, he begged the government to find ways to offer options to young people like him. Moments like this wove through each and every session we facilitated.

Workshop session note-taking

All the sessions culminated in a provincial youth summit where youth across the province engaged in dialogue with decision-makers from across different sectors. Ideas were exchanged, values explored and trade-offs made in a process that was brimming with vision, heart and hope.
See the results for yourself.

“I went into the Anima Leadership training session expecting to learn and develop facilitation and team building skills and walked away with so much more. It was a truly engaging experience that has helped me to not only connect with others around me but helped me to connect with myself. Shakil and Annahid, through their respectful, open and inviting presence, helped to transform a group of strong individuals into a stronger team. Truly a rewarding experience!”

~ Sheldon Antle, Policy Specialist, Department of HR, Labour and Employment, Newfoundland-Labrador Government

“You have provided us with hope and the promise for a bright future. When we needed it most, you were there to listen.”

~ Participant

“The greatest experience I have taken away from this summit is the knowledge that there are so many young people who are concerned and care about this province. Up until this point, I thought this province was doomed to one big retirement centre. Now I see differently.”

~ Participant

“This was a time we can be proud of… knowing that we produced the seeds that our government may use to change our dear province for the better.”

~ Participant