Developing best practices for Canada’s Racism Free Workplace Strategy, 2011-2012


The spring of 2012 saw the culmination of Anima Leadership’s major federal government project: to develop the curriculum and tools for Canada’s Racism-Free Workplace Strategy. Federally regulated companies are obligated to comply with Employment Equity legislation in an effort to create workplace environments where all people matter and belong regardless of their race, gender or disability.

Although research clearly demonstrates that there are significant financial, legal and social benefits to diversifying the workforce, many Canadian companies still struggle with issues of inclusion. The business case for diversity is simple: an organization is more successful when employees are content and feel respected. Yet knowledge gaps exists regarding Smart Practices, bias management, and the “how to” of effective inclusion strategies.

This is where we, as Anima Leadership came in. Drawing on our extensive experience, we researched, designed and delivered comprehensive measurement tools and cutting-edge training processes to help Canadian organizations leverage workforce diversity and nurture inclusion at all stages of employee recruitment, retention and advancement, with a specific focus on racialized/Visible Minority communities.


The Inclusive Workplace Learning Curriculum we developed brings together research from the fields of emotional intelligence, implicit bias, social identity and anti-racism theory in combination with practical workplace strategies to develop a comprehensive diversity plan and actualize inclusive practices. In addition to activities, presentations and videos, materials also include measurement tools to help a company self-assess where it currently is on the diversity road map and where it wants to go. The curriculum, tools and training are designed to help organizations leverage Canada’s diverse workforce effectively, creating productive, fair and healthy organizations for all people, regardless of their backgrounds.

“We wanted to ensure that we worked with a leading organization in the field of diversity…[that] had the experience, knowledge and resources to design and produce a comprehensive approach to anti-discriminatory education and training. That organization was Anima Leadership. Through their expert advice and valuable consultations, the Anima Leadership team knew exactly how to turn our vision into reality. Their professionalism, attention to detail and honesty made our relationship an extremely positive one.”

~ Wesley Grant, Project Manager and Policy Analyst, Racism-Free Workplace Strategy