Intercultural Conflict and Peace-building Program, 2008 and 2009

Bolivia Workshop

November and December found the Anima team high in the mountains of Bolivia, in the capital city of La Paz. Bolivia stirred incredible hope and awe throughout Latin America with the election of the first indigenous president, Evo Morales in December of 2005.

Such dramatic change inspired pride among the indigenous and poor of Bolivia (who identified strongly with Morales) and also challenged the status quo. The result was social upheaval and fragmentation as resource rich provinces and the corporate elite reacted in opposition to Morales’ government which was implementing many social reforms benefitting the “have-nots.”

Bolivia Peace-Building

Graduates from Anima Leadership’s integration and peace-building program were inspired by their experience in our Intercultural and Peace-Building  program in The Netherlands and spent a year and a half mobilizing the resources to make a similar social cohesion program a reality in Bolivia. Led by the exceptional Geraldine Vasquez Paredes and her team W.H.Y. Bolivia, the Anima team was invited into a collaboration to create a unique program for the Bolivian context.

Using the unique Anima Leadership Development Process as a foundation, a unique peer-leadership process was developed and implemented. The results were incredible! Over 50 public presentations have taken place successfully across the country with the support  W.H.Y. Bolivia.

“With the current situation in my country, I feel I can now make diverse people around me feel included because everyone one of us need to feel accepted. I learned to change before asking others to change first”

~ Ciprian, participant

“For me, this leadership summit meant a path for understanding for us as young people in Bolivia.”

~ Manuel, participant

“I have learned how to transform conflict into peace and now have the desire to teach other young people.”

~ Gonzalo, participant