Dear Branksome Hall Employee,

Welcome to the Anima Leadership Focus Group selection page. You are invited to participate in a focus group as part of the audit about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at Branksome Hall. Our purpose in asking you to join us for a conversation is to help Branksome Hall understand the employee experience and the ways in which it can be more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

This study is being conducted by Anima Leadership. We are working independently and Branksome Hall will not be aware of your participation. The information you will share with us if you participate will be kept completely confidential and only shared in a way that demonstrates themes that may arise from the employee experience at Branksome Hall.

The focus groups sessions will be audio recorded only for the purpose of ensuring we are precise in the information we collect. The recordings will not be shared with anybody outside the research team at Anima Leadership. The recordings will only be used for the purposes of creating data summaries, and will be deleted once the project is complete in February 2022.

The focus groups will take about 90 minutes between 4:00-5:30pm (EST) on the following days:

  • BIPOC Group – June 22nd
  • Open to all – June 23rd
  • LGBTQ2S+ – June 24th

If you have any questions about the focus groups or the audit, please contact Shakil Choudhury, Co-founder of Anima Leadership, at

By agreeing to participate in this focus group, you are consenting to participate in this study and you have read the Informed Consent Letter.

Please note that there are limited spots for participation and to ensure richness of conversation we are keeping participant numbers per group between 8-12 employees.

Branksome Hall Employee Focus Group

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Your Focus Group Preferences

Which focus groups are you interested in? Select the ones that would be the most appropriate for you, recognizing that if selected, you may be placed in the “open to all” group due to space considerations.

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I understand the focus group will be anonymized but the Zoom call will be recorded for data collection purposes.