Dear Branksome Hall Employee,

Anima Leadership is collecting information from employees about their experiences of diversity, equity and inclusion at Branksome Hall.

Since our goal is to receive feedback on the experiences of all employees, we invite you to provide anonymous feedback about your experiences at Branksome Hall. We are not collecting any personal information in this form so anything you share will be completely anonymous and confidential.

Your participation is valuable and will help enrich the conversation around diversity and inclusion at Branksome Hall. We are working independently and Branksome Hall will not be aware of your participation. The information you will share with us if you participate will be kept completely confidential and only shared in a way that demonstrates themes that may arise from the employee experience at Branksome Hall.

If you have any questions about the the audit, please contact Shakil Choudhury, Co-founder of Anima Leadership, at

By providing feedback, you are consenting to participate in this study and you have read the Informed Consent Letter.

Branksome Hall Employees – Anonymous Feedback Form