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Management Certificate Program Modules

Finally, a Management Certificate through the JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) lens! Most leadership failures in organizations are rarely about lack of technical or content expertise but rather people and relationship management— an area managers are rarely trained in.  These four foundational leadership modules—Authentic Management, Deep Diversity, Brave Conversations and Authentic Facilitation— will walk you through best practices, theory/ research and case scenarios of how to lead in a twenty-first century context across complex differences of all kinds, in conditions of high intensity.  This is a unique approach to leadership that is rooted in compassion and to challenging and undoing systemic barriers that exist to equitable work conditions for all employees.

Throughout each module, you will find a strong focus on developing internal leadership muscles for external impact: a grounding in psychological literacy and management skills to create positive, inclusive and successful teams and organizations.  We aim to support leaders who are change-makers— those who know that creating environments where everyone matters and belongs is at the foundation of success.

This is the online management version (vs. the in-person leadership version) of our certification process offering:

  • Accessibility and flexibility
  • Full access to core curriculum
  • Course materials and learning assessments* (*upon completion of each course)
  • Engagement through video, audio and articles
  • Interactive webinars to peer review, discuss and receive guidance from course leaders
  • Badge upon completion of each course and track progress to full certification
  • A digital* “Inclusive Management Certificate” upon completion recognizing the range of skills acquired. *This can be downloaded/printed for your own records

The timeline is entirely up to you. You may choose to do all four modules in the same year, or spread them out over multiple years. If you have already taken some of the trainings listed, you are partway there!  You can substitute one online course for any in-person course and still receive the leadership certificate.

An Anima Online Course hosted through the Anima Learning Management System

What’s special about our certification?

  • High quality and unique trainings that focus on developing your whole self as a leader;
  • A central focus on Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion that will help you lead more effectively, compassionately, and with ease in today’s complex social reality;
  • Opportunity to have your commitment to relational, equitable, and emotionally intelligent leadership supported and recognized;
  • Opportunity to participate in deep self-reflection and develop awareness of your own personal leadership strengths;
  • Leadership skills recognized by our award-winning leadership development company.

Core Trainings for the Leadership Certificate, 2021:

Deep Diversity Icon

Deep Diversity Winter Institute: Leadership Skills for Inclusive Workplaces
Course Dates: August 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2021

For any organization that wants to stay relevant and productive, creating a functionally diverse and inclusive workplace is a must. Understanding how systemic discrimination threatens fairness and morale in both overt and subtle ways is critical to such initiatives. This award-winning training process will develop key leadership knowledge and skills to support workplace inclusion and equity, as outlined in the book, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them. Read more…

Brave Conversations IconBrave Conversations: Transforming Workplace Conflict
Course Dates: September 14, 21, 28 and October 5, 2021

Many of us tend to fear conflict, but when approached consciously it is an opportunity for personal and organizational growth. Leaders in the workplace can develop their capacity to nurture “brave space” for conflict. Conflict effectiveness starts with each of us developing an understanding of our own conflict habits, patterns, and reactions, on the unconscious and physical level, and developing our capacities to sit in the fire when tensions heat up. Read more…

Authentic Facilitation IconAuthentic Facilitation: Guiding Groups with Presence and Ease
Course Dates: November 2, 9, 16 and 23, 2021

Powerful facilitation is all about finding your own unique style and being yourself in front of a group, thereby encouraging others to authentically bring forward all of what they have to offer. At its core, it is about being deeply present. Each group, each situation calls for something different and the best facilitators know how to listen for, and serve this emerging truth. Read more…

Authentic Management IconAuthentic Management: Leading Diverse, High Performance Teams
Course Dates: January 4, 11, 18 and 25, 2022

Often we get promoted to management positions without a lot of training or support. This training is a dive into management foundations starting with learning how to manage ourselves in order to manage others, and how to align team efforts with organizational mission in order to increase collective impact. Read more…

You receive a discount by registering for all four courses in the certificate at once. To register for the full certificate and receive the discount, use the button below.

Certificate price (without discount): $1725 USD ($2175 CAD tax included)
Discounted price: $1500 USD ($1950 CAD tax included)

What’s special about our online certification?

“I have found Anima’s online offerings invaluable, not only for their content and delivery (which is excellent), but also for the incredible skill, compassion, and courage of the facilitation team. No matter how I feel when I arrive, I leave each session feeling centered, connected, and ready to head back into the fray.”

Jill Esmond, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Georgian College

“Anima are the best online facilitators I’ve come across. They have an almost magical ability to make everyone feel comfortable enough to share their thoughts and feelings.”

Judy Rebick, Author and Journalist

“The journey of learning with Anima is a fascinating and empowering one. The courses are brilliant and I have felt a real commitment by them to my growth and development. I highly recommend their online trainings- the team at Anima have so much skill and really go that extra mile to create an exciting experience, no matter how complex the topic.”

Raggi Kotak, Barrister

“I appreciate the care and insight that the Anima Leadership team brings to its group facilitation. I’m always impressed, and walk away with a deeper understanding of what goes on in groups.”

Fiona Connelly, Mediator, St. Stephen’s Conflict Resolution Service

“The Anima team skillfully creates space for leaders to dialogue, make meaning and build resilience. Anima enabled me to voice feelings everyone was going through but no one could place.”

Sandy Yep, Ministry of Education

Have questions about the certification process?  Contact Anima Leadership for more information.