Why Leaders Should Use the “F” Word More Often: Rising Authoritarianism in a Trumpian Era

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In this episode we call to action the need to build community and capacity in our personal, community and professional lives as a response to the current stormy political era we are in.

On the eve of the most important US election in generations, democracy in that—and other western contexts— is in crisis. we need to stop being hypnotized by Donald Trump’s theatrics and incivility to see the broader patterns of behaviour: that of a classic authoritarian leader.

In response, leaders from civil society, workplaces and beyond need to get comfortable using the “f” word: fascism. Although still incomprehensible to most mainstream North Americans, using an evidence-based approach to demonstrate  the frame of authoritarianism and fascism better helps explain the current political moment of Trump and his allies.

Putting their words, actions and the related violence into context…with implications for racial minorities globally.