Conference Schedule

DAY 1 – Thursday, January 21DAY 2 – Friday, January 22
Opening Plenary session 10:00am-noon ESTPlenary session 10:00am- noon EST
Rising Authoritarianism: Signposts and Calls to ActionIndigenous Storytellers Circle: Story as Resistance and Resilience
With: Rhonda Magee, Law Professor & author of “The Inner Work of Racial Justice”With: Alicia Elliott (author of “A Mind Spread Out on the Ground”) and Waubgeshig Rice (author of “Moon of the Crusted Snow”)
Afternoon Session 1:00pm-3:00pm ESTAfternoon Session 1:00pm-3:00pm EST
Slow is Fast: A New Paradigm for Racial JusticeElders Circle: Bridge-Building and Imperfect Allyship
With: Anima Faculty and AssociatesWith: Judy Rebick (Feminist and author), Nancy Rowe (Elder, Anishinaabek Nation), Loretta Ross (Feminist Activist, Sistersong), Parker Johnson (Elder, Racial Justice efforts)
Community Sharing Circle 3:30-5:00pm ESTClosing Plenary 3:30pm-5:00pm
 Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times: Micro-actions for Systemic Change
With: Anima Faculty and AssociatesWith: Anima Faculty and Associates

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