Anima Leadership is proud to share our past and current working partnerships with national and international organizations committed to education as a force for an equitable, sustainable and peaceful future.

Process Work Institute

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The Process Work Institute was founded over thirty years ago and is a global learning centre for working with conflict and systems change. Founded by Arnie Mindell, the Process Work Institute is an accredited post-secondary institution offering post-graduate degrees, courses and certificate programs. One of their signature methodologies is “Deep Democracy”, a dialogue-based approach to conflict and power that is based on the idea that to foster true democracy all perspectives- ideas, feelings, states of being- must be surfaced and facilitated in order to move forward. Anima has been offering trainings in the Deep Democracy WorldWork methodology since 2010. Our goal: to create a Canadian-based SWAT team of conflict-effective facilitators who can host reconciliatory dialogues in moments of escalating polarization in society.

Centre for Social Innovation

Centre for Social Innovation

The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)  is a Canadian and internationally recognized hub for incubating social innovation projects, organizations and research. With four co-working spaces and hundreds of member organizations, CSI is a nexus for progressive social change in North America. As a member of CSI since 2009, Anima also offers consulting support for CSI’s diversity mandate. We train all new staff in the “Deep Diversity inclusive environments framework”, and consult with the IDEA (Inclusion Diversity, Equity and Access) committee on broader next steps. Anima has also partnered with CSI to offer socially innovative trainings (Deep Democracy) and presentations (Diversity dialogues) and most recently in 2017, the “Leadership in Troubled Times: Bystander Intervention Training”.

Canadian Race Relations Foundation

CRRF is a Crown Corporation that operates at arms-length from the federal government. An outcome of the 1988 Japanese Canadian Redress Agreement, the mandate of the CRRF is to fight racism in Canada. CRRF is recognized as a Canadian leader in policy development, research and education offering innovative solutions to combating racism in all its forms. CRRF has worked extensively nationally, including work on public interest remedies by the provincial Human Rights Commissions and was a partner to the federal government’s Racism Free Workplace Strategy.

Tatamagouche Centre

Tatamagouche Centre is a non-profit education, retreat and conference Centre based in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. With varied residential and meeting spaces available, they offer over fifty programs each year, and host approximately 75 non-profit groups. Their mission is to invite and challenge people from diverse backgrounds to personal wholeness, right relationships, respect for the environment, and justice in the world. Anima Leadership is a regular guest at the Centre offering a selection of our flagship programs on diversity, authentic management and women’s leadership.

Canadian Policy Research Networks

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Closing it’s doors in December, 2009, CPRN was renowned as a Canadian expert on social issues, providing policy options to move Canada forward. Through more than 700 publications, CPRN’s work touched on many major socio-economic challenges facing Canadian society such as health care, supports to families, learning opportunities, job quality, and sustainable cities and communities. In 2008, CPRN and Anima Leadership collaborated on conducting a series of Youth Dialogues across Newfoundland and Labrador (N-L) to advise the Provincial Government on policies in support of making N-L a province of choice for young people to live and work in.

United World Colleges of the Netherlands

United World Colleges (UWC) of the Netherlands is part of a global educational movement started in the 1960s which brings together students from all over the world, regardless of their ability to pay. The UWC mission is to make education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. The UWC network has over ten colleges around the world including in Canada, the US, India, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Costa Rica. In partnership with UWC-Netherlands, Anima Leadership designed and offered the unique Youth Leadership Summit that continues to operate each summer for European youth.

W.H.Y. Bolivia

W.H.Y. (United Youth for Development) Bolivia is a youth-led NGO focused on innovative community development projects, social integration and international cooperation. W.H.Y. Bolivia was started by a graduate of the Youth Leadership Summit that took place in the Netherlands.

Anima Leadership, UWC-Netherlands and WHY Bolivia partnered to offer the first “Youth Integration and Leadership Summit” in December 2008. Youth leaders from all parts of Bolivia attended a week-long training based on Anima’s unique leadership development process (Intercultural Conflict and PeaceBuilding Program). Focusing on anti-discrimination, dialogue and leadership skill development as well as integration issues, this program offers youth the necessary skills to create and continue projects focussed on bridging difference in their home communities.